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Murray Goldschmidt

Cyber Security and Covid-19

Murray Goldschmidt on Tech Leaders Talk podcast

Episode description

In episode 9 of Tech Leaders Talk, we chat with Murray Goldschmidt.

Murray is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Sense of Security, a founding member firm of CyberCX.

Murray is an industry-recognised information security expert providing advice across the spectrum, from the boardroom to the basement across the region's elite corporate entities to government agencies. 

Murray is frequently invited to present at conferences,work groups and seminars and asked to provide expert comment for editorials and publications. He has presented on security topics at every leading conference locally, regionally and internationally.

His credentials include CISSP, IRAP and PCI QSA certifications and he is an active member of AISA, the AICD and RMIA. Murray has been instrumental in developing an expert and authoritative voice to the Australian media. A Cyber Security Thought Leader, Murray is frequently published as well as being a high-profile media commentator for both enterprise and consumer security trends, attacks and issues.

In this episode we chat about various security issues, specifically how Covid-19 will impact the security world in the future. We chat about the importance of security awareness training and how remote working impacts security programs.


covid19, cybersecurity, cyber security, remote working, it security, malware, security training, security awareness training.

In this episode you'll learn:

  • 4.30 - How covid-19 is affecting cyber security
  • 8.50 - The importance of encryption capabilities
  • 12.40 - How a pandemic could change the future of security
  • 16.00 - Tips for businesses setting up remote workplaces

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