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Dinesh Aggarwal

Getting security basics right

In this show we chat with Dinesh Aggarwal about why so many organisations fail in basic security practices and what they can do to improve their overall security practices.

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Murray Goldschmidt

Cyber Security and Covid-19

Episode description

In episode 9 of Tech Leaders Talk, we chat with Murray Goldschmidt.

Murray is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Sense of Security, a founding member firm of CyberCX.

Murray is an industry-recognised information security expert providing advice across the spectrum, from the boardroom to the basement across the region's elite corporate entities to government agencies. 

Murray is frequently invited to present at conferences,work groups and seminars and asked to provide expert comment for editorials and publications. He has presented on security topics at every leading conference locally, regionally and internationally.

His credentials include CISSP, IRAP and PCI QSA certifications and he is an active member of AISA, the AICD and RMIA. Murray has been instrumental in developing an expert and authoritative voice to the Australian media. A Cyber Security Thought Leader, Murray is frequently published as well as being a high-profile media commentator for both enterprise and consumer security trends, attacks and issues.

In this episode we chat about various security issues, specifically how Covid-19 will impact the security world in the future. We chat about the importance of security awareness training and how remote working impacts security programs.


covid19, cybersecurity, cyber security, remote working, it security, malware, security training, security awareness training.

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Miray Tayfun

Vivoo and impact of Covid 19

In this episode we speak with Miray Tayfun. We talk about how the idea of Vivoo started. We also chat about how Miray started with technology and her journey as an entrepreneur.

Miray Tayfun is the co-founder and the CEO of Vivoo, an application based on urine data that delivers personal advice to the individual for a healthier lifestyle. Miray has completed undergraduate studies in Bioengineering and has graduated from Stanford postgraduate programs specializing in Go-to-Market Strategies as well as Diet and Gene Expression. Miray has previously founded companies in medical diagnostics, smart homes, and smart co-living spaces.

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Melanie Tran

Disability Technology


Today’s guest is the Winner of the 2018 Laureate Here for Good Award and the 2019 Australian Financial Review's Top 100 Women of Influence. Although she suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, this has not stopped her and she is the first person in the world with a physical disability to receive the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.   We talk about how technology can help with creating better inclusion, how Melanie uses her disability for innovation and much more.

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Vijay Solanki

Marketing and Technology

Episode Description

In this episode of Tech Leaders Talk we chat with Vijay Solanki about the role of technology in marketing. We also chat about how a CTO / CIO needs to understand the role of marketing.

About Vijay Solanki

Vijay is marketing guru with a strong technology background. He’s worked at companies like Dove, Coca Cola, Shazam, Philips and more.

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Dhipa Lee on the Tech Leaders Talk show

Women in Technology and Cybersecurity

Episode Description

We chat with Dhipa Lee and talk about her role in technology and cybersecurity.

Dhipa Lee has over 20 years experience in the IT and cybersecurity space working for like Dimension Data and Deutsche Bank. She’s also an author of a book called “Written” and the founder of the “Woman in IT” circle.

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Mark Cohen

Strategy and effective teams

In this episode of Tech Leaders Talk, we chat with Mark Cohen ex CTO and CIO of Domain group. We talk about technology strategy and building effective teams.

Mark has been in the technology space for over 23 years. He has a very strong background in the media space, having worked for companies like Deals Direct, Fairfax Digital, Fairfax media and most recently Domain Group. Mark is very people focused and has a great sense of humour which translates well in the show.

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Brett Fenton

Innovation and experimentation

Have you ever struggled to justify an experiment for your business?

Brett Fenton talks about how he justifies small experiments within the business to drive innovation. We also talk about driving innovation and building strong teams.

About Brett Fenton

Brett started his life as a research scientist working in uranium chemistry. He quickly moved into technology, working for Netregistry until the company was sold. Brett is now an executive director at Arq group.

Brett is very people focused which becomes very apparent during the podcast.

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Peter Auhl

Smart Cities

Episode description

In this episode of Tech Leaders Talk we chat with Peter Auhl about getting to know your customer and smart cities. We also chat about diversity in the technology world.

About Peter Auhl

Peter Auhl received feedback from Steve Wozniak and Sir Richard Branson for being a disruptive innovator.

Peter is the 2019 Digital Innovator of the year, 2017 CEO magazine National CIO of the Year and One of the top 5 CIOs in AsiaPAC 2016.

He was responsible for the 10 Gig Rollout for the City of Adelaide to help kickstart investment in Adelaide.

We talk more about the Adelaide 10 Gig project, smart cities, women in technology and much more.

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Kelsey Hightower


Episode Description

In this episode of the Tech Leaders Talk show we chat with Kelsey Hightower from Google. Kelsey has a unique and interesting way of viewing challenges and learning which he shares with us. We talk about Kubernetes and security and much more.

About Kelsey Hightower

Kelsey Hightower works at Google in the USA. He’s a serious advocate of Kubernetes and all things open source. He’s a professional public speaker and the author of Kubernetes: Up and Running: Dive into the Future of Infrastructure.

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